Happy New Year 2019!

Well, 2018 is finally in the rear view mirror….THANK HEAVENS!

It was a really tough year for us, but I’ll get to that in my posts soon enough. I hope and pray every day that 2019 will be a much better year for all of us. The good news is that Den, Em and I are, for the most part, happy and healthy as we ring in the start of this new year. (The same cannot be said for some of our dearest friends and family.) And we all hope that you, our readers, are in for a year of nothing but the best of everything life has to offer.

We have no real plans or resolutions, other than school, doctors appointments, weekly blood draws, dressing changes, school, work and some changes to the house and maybe a little light landscaping (if the budget will allow).

I was fortunate this year to have two very close friends and their families come over and surprise me on new years eve. They brought dinner and drink and we all had a great time. They said that they didn’t want us to be sad celebrating the new year, so they came to make sure we had some laughs to end the year and start out the new year. I am so very blessed to have people like this in my life and I count those blessings everyday.

Tomorrow I will get back to the story and I plan to keep writing until we are caught up to the current day. Enjoy your day and as always….tell your family you love them.

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