Back Pain…Again

May 8, 2017

Den has been having some back pain again. I put a call into the Dr. Lee with the IR (Interventional Radiology) Team. They made an appointment for Den to have a CT to check for another compression fracture on the 16th at 930AM. When the results come back they will call me with the results.

May 9, 2017

Today is Den’s follow up with Dr. Nayak. He is the doctor that changed out Den’s pacemaker. We dropped Em off at school and headed for the U of C as is our routine on appointment days. We arrived in enough time to have some breakfast before Den’s appointment.

When we saw Dr. Nayak and Deb, his clinical nurse, they said that the incision looks great and the remaining steri-strips would come off on their own. We already knew this since this was Den’s third pacemaker. We did find out that Den has been in AFib since the LVAD surgery and that there is no plan to cardiovert him or get him out of the rhythm at this time. They also told us that there were no changes made to Den’s pacing or other settings in the pacemaker.

Since Dr. Nayak did not need any blood work our next stop was our usual place for Den’s weekly blood draw. Traffic was very light so we made good time between places.

Den’s INR is 3.6, so no warafrin for 2 days.

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