Pain, Pain, Go Away

April 15, 2017

Den slept well last night. I think a lot of that was due to the anesthesia from the procedure. This morning Den had some pain, but a NORCO pill alleviated most of it. I went to work today, but I talked to Den at lunchtime. He said that his pain was greatly reduced and he was able to move a little better as the day went on. The good news is that Den is still on the Fenytanol patch, so that will help with the pain for a while.

Em and I went to the Easter Vigil Mass, Den decided to stay home this time. He still has some nagging pain and this is a very long mass. We both thought it was a good idea for him to stay home and rest.


April 16, 2017

Today is Easter Sunday! We all headed to my girlfriend’s parents home for an early dinner. We always go early to try and help with any cooking or set up that needs to be done. Dinner and conversation was a welcome break from the solitude that surrounds all of us. It is always nice to get out and see friends and share a wonderful meal. Den used his walker for the entire day. He was very tired by the time we were headed home, but I was very proud of him.


April 17, 2017

Den complaining of nagging pain most of the day. The pain was not as bad as before the kyphoplasty, but worrisome. We agreed that we would ask Dr. Lee at our appointment later this week.





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