Back at it

April 14, 2016

I was back at the hospital at 5AM. The security guards all knew me by now, so I had no problems getting in before dawn.

When I arrived, Den had his Foley back again and the urine was the color of red wine. Not good. I talked to the nurse and the heparin drip was lowered. Den was back on the diuretic again and was still putting out lots of fluid.

The psychiatrist was back to do his second interview. He said that he would recommend Den be cleared for surgery, but the head of the department would have the final say and would most likely be in later that day. And he was right, about an hour later, the head of the psychiatric department came in to do the final interview. He asked me to leave so he could talk to Den one on one. When I was allowed back in the room, he told us he would be sending the final report to the LVAD team later today.

Den did eat better today than since he arrived at the hospital. Breakfast was cereal, banana and juice. Lunch was chicken soup, Popsicle and juice. It was better than nothing.

Physical therapy came by and Den did 2 laps of the ward with his walker. They also started working with him on getting up without using his arms. He would be on sternal precautions for 6-10 weeks after surgery to ensure his breast bone healed properly. More on that later.

Dr Bloom, from Speech, was back again. She gave Den some exercises and went thru some checks to make sure nothing had changed. She ended up releasing him to a standard diet….Yeah!

Just after lunch, they came to get Den for his Lung Function Test. When he got back, we noticed that his urine was again dark red. The nurse let the doctors know and sent a sample to the lab.

We had a surprise visit from one of the chaplains that works for the home healthcare group we use. The only problem is all he wanted to talk about was to remember to call for him when we got home…..that was a long way off and there was no guarantee that Den would come home!

Den did not eat dinner tonight…2 out of 3 meals is better than what he had been eating.

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