I Feel Dizzy, Oh So Dizzy

August 2, 2017

Den’s day started out fine. He took his meds and did some light exercises in his chair in the morning. Just after lunch (about 130pm), he told me he felt very dizzy. I checked his controller and his numbers were totally out of range. His PI was almost 10. I usually runs around 4. His speed was fluctuation from 3800 to 5200 rpms. I quickly shot off an email to the VAD team. Colleen answered almost immediately. She agreed with my observation that he was most likely low on fluids. I should get him to drink some water and keep and eye on him. She asked me to send her another email later to give them an update.

I gave Den a glass of water and told him to drink it all and I would get him another one. He drank it, I refilled it and gave it to him again. I kept an eye on his numbers for a while and around 230pm, the numbers all settled down and he started to feel better.

After dinner, Den started to have dizzy spells again. I got him to bed with 2 glasses of water and kept an eye on him. His PI and speed were doing the same thing as earlier in the day. By the time I was ready to go to sleep, Den was feeling better. I could only hope that tomorrow would be a better day.

August 3, 2017

Den feels better this morning. My first call of the day was from Wound Care Resources. They send us all of Den’s dressing kits. They had a shipment ready to go for us and wanted to make sure everything on the order was correct.

I sent an update via email to the VAD team. Colleen responded again. She said to hold Den’s Lasix for the next week, unless his weight went up more than 3 pounds. She said the reason his numbers went crazy is that he was most likely low on fluids and the intake for the pump was being occluded by the side wall of the heart.

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