Where Has The Time Gone?

July 21, 2017

Today Emily gets her schedule for Freshman year at Marian. I cannot believe how fast the summer has gone! She already has 1.5 credits on her record and has fallen in love with a new sport….Fencing! She got her schedule an had her picture taken before noon. So we have the rest of the day to ourselves!

Em and I decided we needed some fun in the sun. So we packed up and headed for the Dunes! An afternoon of sun, sand and water was relaxing and recharging for us both. Em decided that we needed to do this weekly for as long as we can. I totally agreed with her! I told her that when I pick her up from Summer school on Fridays I would have everything with me for the beach. The plan was made and we were both very excited about our summer beach prospects!

July 25, 2017

Den has one appointment today. Dr. Landon, the infectious disease doctor, who took care of him when he had his blood infection. She just oversees his continuing use of the antibiotic and makes sure that he doesn’t have a re-occurrence of the same infection. As she told us, Den will be on the meds for the rest of his life, as a precaution. The way she explained it was something like this. When you take an antibiotic, the medication “washes” all of your tissues and organs. The LVAD is a foreign body and has no blood supply of it’s own. So there could be spores on the surface of the LVAD that we cannot kill off. No one wants Den to have another blood infection, so we err’d on the side of caution and agreed that he need to be on the meds forever.

Dr. Landon said that everything looks good. So back in 6 months for a quick check up. Before we left, we stopped by the lab to get Den’s blood work drawn. Then we headed home. The lab work was in before we got home…his INR is 2.4 (no med changes).

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