A Granddaughter’s Wedding

June 17, 2017

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Today is a very special day for Dennis. We will be attending the wedding of his granddaughter. We arrived early, so Den could see the bride before the ceremony. She was beautiful! Em and I stayed in the background. Always present if there was a problem, but not in the way of the “family” thing. Den had a very nice time and the food was good. We stayed until the cake was cut and we all had a piece. By the time that was over, Den was exhausted. So we made our way to the car and headed for home. The highlight of the evening for me was….Den stood up and tried to slow dance with me. It didn’t last long, but it is the effort he put out that counts to me.

So here we end Book 2 of the series. Just for reference, I am in Book 4 now and I no longer put dates on the pages when I start the book. I only add dates as things happen, so it seems to skip a little. The next post will be the beginning of Book 3, so we are getting closer and closer to the current day. Don’t forget to send us questions or comments, we would love your input and Den and I are always willing to answer any questions you may have about our past, present or future.

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