June 7. 2017

Den had his follow up with his EP team in Dyer, IN today. Marrietta and Allison checked him over and gave us the low down on his new device. Apparently, Dr. Nayak upgraded Den’s ICD/Pacemaker. The new device is called a Viva CRTD. It has a longer battery life than the last one, almost 9 years. Along with some monitoring upgrades, that Den and I don’t really care about or need to worry about. They also let us know that Den’s pacing is still at 90. His incision has healed well and we don’t need to come back for 6 months. They will call us when the remote monitoring sends them a reading.

June 12, 2017

Em started summer school today at MCHS (the high school she will be attending in the fall). She is taking a required class (Computer Concepts) so she can open up her schedule for another elective. The class is 4 weeks and she is happy it is in an air conditioned room, but she plans to wear pants instead of shorts. It’s too cold for shorts, she says.

June 13, 2017

Den has two appointments today at U of C.

First we stop by the EP department to get the new ICD/Pacemaker checked. Everything looks good and the incision is healing very nicely. Den is still in A-Fib and they don’t want to tinker with him since the LVAD is taking up the slack and everything from that aspect is stable. So back in 6 months for a quick check.

Next we head downstairs to see Dr. Reidy in the Eye Clinic. They did the usual checks and his vision for distance is 20/25 in each eye. So no glasses for driving, if he decides he wants to drive. Back in the spring for and annual check up.

On our way home, we stopped and had Den’s weekly blood draw. His INR is 2.0. So no changes in meds.

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