Another Milestone

May 30, 2017

We are up and at it early again today. We dropped Em off at school at headed for the U of C to see the ID (Infectious Disease) doctor. We arrived early enough to stop in the Cafe and have some breakfast before Den’s scheduled appointment. It is always nice to be able to slow down for a few minutes after a rush hour drive.

Dr. Landon went over all of Den’s recent lab work with us. She said that everything looked good, but she wanted a blood draw this morning to check Den’s CRP this time. So she put in an order for us and when we were done we went off to the lab. She said that she would email me with the results and any changes to Den’s meds if they were needed.

May 31, 2017

Today is Em’s last day of Grade School. She will graduate in 2 short days! It is bitter sweet for the entire 8th Grade class. The school will be closing after this school year, so this will be the last graduating class. Em is excited to be going on to high school. It will be a busy summer with Summer School, sports camps and camping trips. I am so proud of her that I think I may explode with pride sometimes. She is graduating with an A average and one high school credit tucked under her arm. Her future is so bright that she cannot see it, but all the rest of us can see her potential.

My sweet baby girl is growing up! I know I cannot stop time, but I wish it would slow down a little, just for the next few days so we can all enjoy this milestone a little longer.

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