April 22, 2017

Em left last night for her Cousin’s apartment. My two nephews and their girlfriends have graciously offered to take Em to C2E2 today. I wish I could be there with all of them, but I have to work today and Den needs me close by in case of problems. I have to tell you…I worry about her. This is really her first time away from home going to a huge public event. The good news is that she has her cell phone and has promised to check in on a regular basis. I hope she has a good time and loosens up enough to enjoy herself.

Em got home after 11PM. She had lots to tell us about her day and she loved it so much she wants to go again next year. I told her that I would try to work it out to go with her next year. It really sounded fun and it would be a day away from home for both of us. A real chance to let loose and recharge our batteries.

April 23, 2017

Em was up early to head over to the country club to take the caddy exam. She is interested in becoming a caddy and it could lead to a scholarship if it all works out.

When Em was done with her test, we headed over to help celebrate Den’s Granddaughter’s birthday. We all gathered at a local pizza place and it was a good time. I think this was the first time that Den’s other daughters talked to me with more than just civility. There were genuine smiles and laughter all around. The food was good, too! By the time the presents were opened and all the food was gone, we were exhausted.

We made it home and I think we all crashed early. Next week is a busy one, so we might as well rest up for it while we can.

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