A little light in the tunnel

April 2, 2017

Today is Sunday. Den, Em and I went to Mass this morning and then out to our favorite restaurant, Washington Square, to celebrate.  Den even surprised us all by using his walker to get in and out of the restaurant.


April 3, 2017

I left messages several times today for the nurse in the EP clinic. Now that Den has finished his IV therapy, we need to get a quick date for his pacemaker change. His battery is getting low and I really would like to get it done before it starts alarming every morning. Deb finally called me back at 3PM. Den id on the schedule for April 28! Now we just need to get his back pain in full control and all will be well again.


April 4, 2017

After we took Em to school this morning, I took Den for his weekly blood draw. While we were there, Katie, from Dr. Lee’s office, called to see if we could come in tomorrow. Dr. Lee is an interventional radiologist. Katie said that he wanted to go over Den’s current condition and what could possibly be done. I told her we would be there!

In the afternoon, Den had an appointment with Dr. Bogs, his niece/dentist. When we ate dinner at the Fish Fry, Den lost his denture. Dr. Bogs made a new impression and said that the new denture should be ready in about a week. She said that when it came in the office would call to make an appointment for a final fitting.



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