Just A Little Kink In The Line

March 13, 2017

Back at the infusion center today. The staff sent Den’s weekly blood draw off to the lab and we had most of the results back before we left. Den’s INR is 2.7 (a great number) and his CRP is down to 1.1 (almost normal)! I wanted to do a jig right there in the room when I saw how low his CRP was today!


March 14, 2017

Den asked me to reschedule his appointment today with his PCP. He was very tired after the week we have been having and just wanted to go home after his IV therapy session. So I called the office and told Jill, the nurse, that Den was very tired and I was taking him home. She helped me reschedule for next month.


March 15-17, 2017

Not much happened these days, except that we went to the infusion center for Den’s IV therapy sessions.


March 18, 2017

We went to the infusion center as usual this morning. When the nurse tried to flush Den’s PICC line, she could not get the saline to go in. She decided to to another dressing change to see if there was a problem. Sure enough…there was a kink in the line. After she changed the position of the PICC line and put the new dressing on there were no other problems.


March 19, 2017

Infusion Center today, IV therapy went smoothly as usual.


March 20, 2017

Back at the infusion center this morning. Den had his blood draw for the week. His INR is 2.8 and his CRP is 1.2


March 21, 2017

Just Den’s IV therapy today, nothing more of interest happened.

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