No Surgery for Den

March 10, 2017

Den and I are up very early to get to the U of C for his pacemaker change. Den has been on an NPO order since midnight…nothing to eat or drink. My sister, Meg, came down last night to get Em to school this morning and possibly pick her up if we don’t get home in time.

We arrived at the patient registration at 530AM. When we tried to check in they could not find Den’s name on the surgery list. They called down to find out why he was not on the list and why we were not notified. It turns out that his surgery was cancelled late last night because he is on IV therapy. I was seeing red by the time we left because I had told the EP staff and scheduling that he was still getting the IV therapy and no one had said it was a problem!

So home we went. I called Meg on the way home and told her what was going on and that we would go to Den’s infusion center appointment before we came home.  I called the EP clinic and left a message to find out what went wrong in the communication chain.


March 11, 2017

Back at the infusion center this morning. I have calmed down a lot since yesterday’s sanfu with Den’s pacemaker change, but I am still very upset about the lack of communication. The nurse at the infusion center did Den’s PICC line dressing change today.


March 12, 2017

Just a normal day at the infusion center. When Den’s IV therapy session was done, we went home.


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