Volleyball Champs!

March 2, 2017

Den had a very difficult night last night. He was in a lot of pain and the meds didn’t seem to help very much. I felt absolutely helpless. There was nothing I could do to help him and we both knew it, but it really hurts to see the person you love in that much pain and all you can do is sit there and talk to them or hold them for a while. It really sucks, BIG TIME!

With great difficulty we made it to the infusion center for Den’s appointment. While his IV was running, I tried to get in a little sleep.


March 3, 2017

Den slept some last night, but he is still in a lot of pain. The back brace that he was fitted for is only for when he is out of bed, so he gets no relief when he is in bed.


March 4, 2017

Today we went for Den’s standing appointment at the infusion center. We have become a part of the early morning furniture, it seems.

(From den: To night I was so excited for her and Beth. The day was supreme for them)      Tonight, we have a big event! The Volleyball Team is in the final 4! Em is excited and so am I. (I am the assistant coach for her team) She plays the position of Libero. If you don’t know what a Libero does…they get all the balls that other people miss. She is the last line of defense. Therefore, she is all over the court in any given game. She has no official “spot” on the court, except when the ball is being served. Her only limitation is that she cannot spike the ball in front of the 10′ line. (She says she can’t spike anyway, so she loves her position.) When she rotates in, it does not count either. She can go in at anytime before a play starts for any back row player. She has tried to work on her overhand serve, but her underhand serve is wicked. She has a really strange spin to her serve and it usually catches the other team off guard, at least the first few serves.

The first game was an easy 2 set win. We had played the other team before and lost to them in regular season play. But this time, we were ready for them. Our girls fought hard and were very excited to beat them in just the 2 sets. The other 2 teams in the final 4 were still playing, so we all went over to get a sneak peak at what we would be up against in the championship game. All of the teams got a 5 minute break before the final matches started.

We won the first set, and lost the second. So now we are into the tie breaker set.  We only play to 15, but you still have to win by a 2 point margin. All of our girls played with all their hearts! Win or lose, they would always be winners in our hearts. It was a nail biter, right up to the end. When the final ball dropped, our girls had won 17-15! It was pandemonium on the court for a few minutes. Once it had settled down, the trophies were given out and the pictures were taken. I was so very proud of each and every one of the girls. They had overcome a lot this season.


Congratulations to the Lady Falcons! Take a bow, girls! You deserve it!

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