CT with WBC Tagging

February 28, 2017

Well, Den has been in the hospital for almost a week now and we still don’t have any real answers. Then only thing we really know is that Den has a compression fracture of his L3 vertebra. Today he is scheduled for a multi part CT scan to see if the infection he had last month is attacking his spine. Den has been on a NPO (nothing to eat or drink) order since midnight. He was sleeping when I arrived, but I didn’t wake him.

Transport came to take him to the first part of the scan at 8AM. He was back in his room before 9AM. I can tell that he is still in a lot of pain and I wish I could do something to help him, but I cannot. Den got his usual meds and his pain killer when he returned from the scan. The nurse let us know that he would go back in a few hours for the 2nd part of the scan. He would be on the NPO until he returned, but I could order his lunch as soon as he left for the next scan.

Transport was at the door to take him for the next part of his scan around 1PM. I already had Den’s request for lunch and called it in as soon as he was out of the room. He was back about an hour later and his lunch was waiting for him. He ate well and was happy to finally have something to eat. The nurse told Den that he needed to make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out the chemical that is used to tag the white blood cells in the scan. I assured her that I would make sure that he drank extra water over the next 24 hours.

The day was pretty normal, for being in a hosptial. No other big tests were ordered and the results of the scan would not be ready until tomorrow. So now we are in a waiting game, again.

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