More Tests

February 27, 2017

I am scheduled to work today, so Den is on his own at the hosptial. I had let the nurses know that he was having bowel problems. Mostly likely due to the pain killers that he was taking. They started him right away on stool softeners and a laxative.

I called Den before I left for work. He said that he felt ok, still in a lot of pain but otherwise ok. I warned him not to wait to hit the call button when he felt the urge to use the bathroom. He said that he would call as soon as he felt the need to us the bathroom. We said good bye and I went about my day.

We are all still reeling from the passing of Pa Hess yesterday. Em took the news with a very heavy heart. Pa Hess treated her like another one of his grandchildren, so she will miss him very much.

I checked in with Den during the day…as usual. He was doing ok, but wished I was there with him. I told him that I wish I could be there with him, too. I reminded him that I would be there bright and early in the morning

After dinner, Den called to let me know that he had finally had success in the bathroom! It was a relief for both of us. I was very concerned that he was going to have a bowel obstruction. He also told me that the special CT had been ordered for first thing in the morning. We said good night and I told him that I would wake him up when I arrived in the early morning hours.


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