Back Pain

February 16-19, 2017

Not much happened these days, just IV therapy every morning and rehab every other day.


February 20, 2017

Den has his usual IV therapy this morning. The nurse did his blood draw and dressing change, too. Den dropped me off at work so he would have the car to go to rehab this afternoon. Den’s INR was 1.9. Colleen sent me an e-mail to increase his Warafrin to 9mg tonight only.

I got a call from Carole, one of the rehab nurses, she said that Den was complaining about severe back pain. She said that she put in a call to the LVAD team about it and just wanted me to know. She said that the pain seemed to come on suddenly and she was concerned. I thanked her for her call and said that I would keep an eye on him tonight.


February 21, 2017

Just our usual trip to the infusion center for Den’s IV therapy today.

Den had some back pain on and off during the day, but Tylenol seemed to make it go away.


February 22, 2017

Den had his IV therapy this morning. We went to the pulmonologist in the afternoon. Katie, the PA for Dr. Arenson, said that they wanted to do an overnight pulse oxygen monitor with Den using is Bi-Pap. The monitor would be delivered to the house with all of the instructions for use and how to return it to the company. She also asked me to bring in the download card 30 days after so they could check the log against the readings from the monitor. Den did not need an appointment, just bring in the card.


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