Finally Going Up

January 30, 2017

Den has his IV therapy this morning. The nurse did his blood draw and dressing change before starting the IV antibiotic. After last night’s episode, Den says he feels much better. He thinks that the hot chocolate just didn’t sit well with him. I hope he is right and we are not headed backward with his recovery.

Dr. Pellagrini’s office called (the infectious disease doctor) to let us know that they had not received last weeks lab reports. I faxed them copies of both last week and this weeks reports. I sent an email to the LVAD Team because Den’s INR was 1.3 this week. It doesn’t seem to be going up. The decision was made to increase Den’s Warafrin to 6mg daily and continue the Lovenox shots until we saw a significant change in his INR. Den is not happy about continuing the shots.

Today is also Den’s 74th birthday! I made him his favorite dinner….chicken and yellow rice with olives. We had cake and ice cream to celebrate!


January 31, 2017

IV therapy session this morning. Den and I went out to breakfast after his session. He has an appointment with the pulmonologist at 11AM right across the street from the hospital, so why drive all the way home just to drive back again. All of Den’s tests are normal and the doctor is happy with his continued use of his Bi-Pap machine.


February 1, 2017

IV therapy this morning at the infusion center. The LVAD Team had sent the infusion center an order to redraw blood for a repeat INR today. We finally got good news on that front. Den’s INR is at 1.8 today! This means…NO MORE LOVENOX SHOTS!!!!! I think Den almost got up and danced when he heard that!

Den has Cardiac Rehab at 2PM today. He is dropping me off at work and then going to his session later. He is also picking up Em after school. He really is trying to do more of the errands and driving now that his eyesight is better.

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