January 24, 2017

We went for Den’s standing appointment at the infusion center this morning.


January 25, 2017

While we were at Den IV therapy session, I got an email from the LVAD Team. They had received the lab results from Den’s blood work on Monday. Den’s INR was 1.2! That is so low it is like he is not even on blood thinners. The Team wanted his Warafrin increased to 6mg for the next 2 days and he also would need the Lovenox injections twice a day until his number was in his therapeutic level. (Den was not happy about getting the injections again.) They also sent an order to the infusion center to redraw for the labs on Saturday.


January 26, 2017

Infusion Center this morning as usual. It is getting easier for Den to get up early in the morning. The routine of going to the infusion center every morning is finally settling in for him.

I called several doctor’s offices to reschedule appointments that Den had missed while he was in the hospital.


January 26, 2017

If feel like a broken record…Infusion Center for IV therapy this morning.

I took Den to his first session at Cardiac Rehab since his release from the hospital. I had talked to Jackie when he was release to make sure it was OK for him to come with the PICC line. She said that it was fine and they were all glad that he was doing better. When we arrived, I gave her the clearance letter from the LVAD Team and the new medication list.


January 28, 2017

Den had his IV therapy this morning.


January 29, 2017

Den had his IV therapy this morning.

He had some issues later in the evening. He had asked for some hot chocolate. I made him some Tootsie Roll hot chocolate, which he really liked. About half an hour later, he complained of a stomach ache. Shortly after that the chills started and some diarrhea. I was really worried for a little bit, but he had no fever. I let the Team know what was happening and also let them know that Em had just gotten over the flu, which is what I was suspecting. Den said that he almost threw up a few times. By midnight, he was feeling better, so another storm has passed and we are still here.

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