Things are looking up….

January 19, 2017

Den seemed to be ok overnight. His vitals were stable and he slept on and off through out the night. The only hiccup we seemed to have is one of his LVAD readings was too low. The nurse noted it very early in the morning and Den got an IV of Albumen. This is a blood protein and is used to “bulk up” the available blood in the body. She also let the LVAD on-call know what was going on.

When the new nurse came in at shift change, she let us know that the heart cath had been scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Vika, from the LVAD Team came in a little later and lowered Den’s LVAD speed to 5100. She said that Dr. Sayer should be in later to go over the plan for the heart cath.

Before lunch, Dr. Sayer came by to go over what would happen tomorrow. He told us that the heart cath even happening in the morning was dependent upon the blood and urine cultures. If there was any kind of growth in either one, the procedure would be rescheduled and Den would not be discharged. We all agreed that we would keep our fingers crossed.

The rest of the day went as usual. We were all waiting to see what the lab results would be on the cultures. He got his usual meds through out the day and his IV antibiotics.

The nurse came in to remind us that Den was NPO (nothing to eat or drink) after midnight in preparation for the heart cath tomorrow…hopefully! The last thing of the night was Den’s dressing change. The nurses had asked if I would wait to do the change until one of them was there so that they could inspect the driveline for any kind of infection. There wasn’t any kind of inflimation, irritation or discharge from the drive line, so that at least was in the clear.

Now we just have to wait to see what the cultures come back with…sometime around 4AM the results should be back.

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