End of the Year Stuff

December 27, 2016

It has been a hectic holiday season. Work has been busy getting orders ready for the holidays. Lot’s of calls, prep work for orders and deliveries to be wrapped. Mixed in with that, we have had birthdays to celebrate, doctor’s appointments and weekly blood draws. And that is just the Den stuff. Em and I have had volleyball practice 3 times a week and games every Saturday. So it has been really busy here.

Today, I got a call from Dr. Morris’s office, the oral surgeon. They had finally received the clearance letter from the LVAD Team. She gave me all the orders for Den’s upcoming oral surgery. He would need to stop taking the Warafrin 2 days prior to the surgery and have his INR checked the day after. Den would need to have the Lovenox injections if his INR was dropping too low. He needed to take the antibiotic that was at the pharmacy about an hour before coming to the office. She didn’t have a day and time yet for the procedure, but she would be calling within the week with that information.


I left a message later in the day for Jackie at the Rehab Center. I wanted to make sure that she had received the new order for rehab and the clearance letter. I also wanted to know when he could start rehab, the sooner the better.


December 30, 2016

Jackie from the Rehab Center called me today. She scheduled Den to have his first appointment next week. His only work out that day would be his baseline 6 minute walk and a walk through of what he would be doing for his work outs. She said that he should dress in comfortable clothes and be ready to work.

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