Em Chooses a High School

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October 25, 2016

Dr. Arenson’s office called today. The doctor wanted some blood work done and needed to know where to send the order. I told them that we go which Outpatient Clinic we go to and that we usually go on Monday or Tuesday mornings. The nurse said that they would send the order and we could have the blood draw at our convenience. I asked her to fax me a copy of the order, since we had experienced problems with orders being sent over and not being found when we got there. (She faxed me a copy immediately.)


October 28, 2016

Den and I headed over to the Outpatient Clinic for his weekly blood draw. When we checked in we let the receptionist know that there should be and additional order waiting for us. We were pleasantly surprised when the order from Dr. Arenson was quickly found. We completed the check in and were quickly on our way home.


October 30, 2016

Today is an event that Em has been looking forward to all year. Today is the open house for prospective students at Marian Catholic High School. This is the same school that I graduated from almost 30 years ago. 20161030_121855

Em, Den and I got to tour the entire school and meet some of the teachers and staff. I was amazed at how the school had expanded since I was a student there. Em had a great time and was even enthusiastic about attending in the fall.

Em’s biggest draw to MCHS is the wide variety of sports and clubs. It was a very nice afternoon and we are all looking forward to Em attending this fine institution.



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