Basketball 3-Peat!

October 16, 2016

Today is the Championship game for our girls in the Incarnation Shootout! The girls have played so very well this season. Coach is tough on them, but they know that this is it! Most of the team will graduate and not all of them are planning to play basketball at the High School Level. We are on the schedule to play one game early in the day and if the girls win, they play again in the last game of the day! I kinda hope it will be a long day!

The girls won the first game, easily. They got so far ahead in points that the refs confined them to the “paint” while on defense. One thing I have to say for our girls…they KNOW how to play defense!

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The girls won both games! They are one in a million to all of us parents! Now we can focus on the upcoming season playoffs. All of the girls are hoping to get to the final game this year. They have always been 3rd or 4th place in the league, but this year is something special for them all and they have worked extra hard to get to the top of the league this time! GO LADY FALCONS!

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