Den Takes a Tumble

September 12, 2016

Den had some trouble sleeping last night. Maybe it was the nap in the car on the way home…it’s really hard to tell with Den. In the wee hours of the morning, I was woken by a crash in the bedroom. Den had been sitting on the bed playing on his Kindle. He apparently fell asleep sitting up and fell to the floor…face first. It took me a little time to get him back up and onto the bed, but we finally got there. When I got him cleaned up, I noticed that he had a cut above his right eye and it was already looking like he would have a nice bruise, possibly a big black eye.  I didn’t call the LVAD team, since we were going to see Dr. Reidy tomorrow afternoon. (That was a big mistake…I got royally chewed out by the Team when they found out Den had hit his head.)


September 13, 2016

Today is the big day….Den is getting the suture in his eye taken out! Our appointment is not until late in the day, so I have made arrangements with her brother-in-law to pick her up from school and stay at their house until we get back.

Den’s vision is greatly improved over the last visit. His distance vision is 20/25 and only needs a cheap pair of reading glasses. I was so excited to get his next cataract surgery scheduled that I missed seeing his suture removed! Bummer! But Den will have his right eye cataract surgery on November 1st. It could be sooner if there is a cancellation, but Den is happy that it will all be done before the end of the year!

Dr. Reidy did read me the riot act about not checking in with the LVAD Team about Den’s fall. He said that he didn’t see any damage to the eye, but told me that I really should have called to have Den checked out. (The reason for this…Den is on blood thinners. It is always possible with a fall, especially one where you hit your head, for a brain bleed. This can be very serious. It could cause a stroke or worse….death. So next time, any fall will get a call.)

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