1 Week Cataract Follow Up

August 26, 2016

Den had a hard time sleeping last night. He had a hard time falling asleep, but once he did he slept well.

The LVAD team emailed me to let me know that Den’s INR was 3.6 (way too thin). They also gave me his medication adjustments for the next few days. He would need to skip his blood thinner tonight, 1/2 dose tomorrow and back to full dose after that. We also needed to repeat his blood work on Monday morning. I, of course, made all the adjustments to his weekly drug tray and let him know about the changes. (We both count his pills when he takes them to make sure nothing is missing.)

After we took Em  to school, we headed off to the U of C for Den’s 1 week follow up with Dr. Reidy. He checked Den’s eye and said that everything looked perfect. He checked Den’s vision and said that he would only need reading glasses. We went over the changes in his eye drops…to wean him off the steroids that he had been getting. And made our appointment for 3 weeks to get the suture removed.

Den told me in the car, on the way home, that he was so very happy to have gotten Dr. Reidy as his eye doctor. He said that he is so down to earth and gives us any information we ask for. He said that none of the other doctors that we had tried to work with gave us this much information and explained things the way Dr. Reidy does.

Next week we have Den’s 6 month check up for the Momentum III study. I am having a hard time believing that it had been 6 months already since his surgery.

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