First Day of School

August 21, 2016

Well, the nights of sleep are over. Den did not sleep at all last night. Tonight we will try something different.


August 22, 2016

Den took a sleep aid pill last night. I did seem to help and he only had a little bit of waking actions that he did not remember. He feels groggy this morning, but he gets to go back to sleep when I take Em to her first day of Biology at Marian.

Em and I left for Marian at 615AM. She needs to be in her classroom before 630AM after today. This morning the teacher is meeting us at the entry door that the students will use to get into the school every morning.


She is so grown up, it is hard to believe that next year she will be here full time…not just for one class in the morning! Mrs. Holzhauser, her Biology teacher, lead us all to the classroom and asked the students to find a seat. All the parents found places to stand near the wall in the vicinity of their respective student. There was a little bit of paperwork to fill out and checks to be made out for the lab book. She gave the students a reading assignment and just like that time was up for today. Before we left everyone got a copy of the school calendar. We all filed out and I whisked Em off to St. Joe’s for her first day of her regular classes. I went into the office to find out how it was going to work with the 2 students being 15-20 minutes late each morning. It was already noted in the homeroom and 1st period teacher’s books that they would either not be there or late every morning. We did not need to sign them in at the office each morning.

The rest of the day was a blur. Em got out of school at her usual time and we had a quiet evening talking about her first day at both schools. She said that she would really enjoy having an extra study hall, since the 2 students taking Bio were not required to go to the science class. (This meant that is was unlikely for her to come home with anything other than a long term research assignment.)


August 23, 2016

Den took a pill again last night. We were hoping for a good result again, but it did not happen. Den did not sleep and when he tried to lay down to sleep he was very fidgity and agitated. It was like he could not stop moving. I ended up sleeping on the couch to get a few hours in before taking Em to school.


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