Another Set Back

August 11, 2016

Brittany, from Magna Surgi-center called this morning. She was calling to confirm Den’s appointment for tomorrow. We went through Den’s medical history once again. I asked her to check one last time if Den’s LVAD was going to be a problem. I explained to her that we had been turned away at the door before because a hospital/surgi-center did not understand what an LVAD was to start with. She asked me to hold while she double checked for us. When she came back, it was just as we had suspected! They would not work with us. They were not equipt to handle Den and his LVAD. It felt like a punch to the stomach!

My very next call was to Sam, at U of C in the eye clinic. I told her about the call with Magna. She said that she would call and cancel Magna. She made us an appointment with Dr. Reidy for Monday at 9AM. Dr. Reidy was just starting at U of C and Den would be is very first patient. She said that is was possible that Den could have his cataract surgery as soon as Tuesday! Maybe this was a good thing…we will have to wait and see.


Aug 12-14, 2016

There is nothing to report over these days, except that Den is still not sleeping at night. He does take short naps during the day, but little to no sleep at night.


August 15, 2016

Today, Den saw Dr. Reidy. We found out that he is the new head of the department! I immediately feel very comfortable with him and is resident. They both check out Den’s eyes and agree that the left eye needs to be done first. Cherise, who does all the department’s scheduling, came by to get us on the schedule. She said that she needs to check with anesthesia to see if they need to see Den if his procedure is before September 1st. She said that she would call me as soon as she hears back from them. Both Den and I left U of C with a renewed sense of hope. We know that there won’t be any hiccups this time.


August 16, 2016

Den didn’t sleep again last night. I don’t know what to do for him anymore, and I wish that he would stop waking me up 3-4 times a night to tell me that he can’t sleep. We are both now sleep deprived and irritable.

Today, we went back to the U of C for Den’s check in with the CRT Study. The did the usual…and echo cardiogram and a 6 minute walk. I had forgot the loaner IPad and asked if there was any way we could purchase it from the study. They said no…all of the IPads were scheduled to be used in another study that was starting September 1, so we had to return ours before the end of the month….oh, well. Den only went 405 feet in his walk this time (a significant drop). We headed home when we were done and I think Den slept for most of the ride.

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