To Sleep or Not To Sleep

August 5, 2016

We decided to have a family day at the trailer. We did not plan to stay overnight, just go for some quiet nature and swimming. Den and Harrison “camped out” at the trailer while Em and I went swimming twice during the day. We ate some simple meals and headed home after weekday traffic had died down. It was a very nice day and we all felt recharged after a little time away.


August 6, 2016

Den had trouble sleeping last night. He said he could not get his mind to slow down long enough to get any real sleep. He woke me up around 2 AM when he dropped something on his foot. The only reason he woke me up is that his foot was bleeding and he could not get it to stop. I applied pressure and finally go the bleeding to stop, but Den didn’t get any more sleep after that.


Aug 8, 2016

Den has not slept the lasts two nights. I wish I could help him, but everything I have tried has had no effect. I checked with the LVAD Team, the coordinator told me that I should try increasing Den’s melatonin dose to 6mg. We will try that tonight and hope for the best.

Recently, we got a bill from the hospital where Den had his stent implanted. The charges added up to over $1000! I called to have the bill checked. They told me that he had been listed as outpatient and the charges were for medications that we had brought with us and they had administered. I told them that he was inpatient (6 day stay) and that we had not brought any medications with us and were never given the option to get the medications at a local pharmacy. They said that they would have to do an internal review of the case and would get back to us with in 30 days.

Later in the day, Cherise from the eye clinic called. She said that Den’s cataract surgery would be at Magna Surgi-Center and that they would be calling to go over medications and to schedule a day/time. They also needed Dr. Hennecke to fax over a copy of Den’s last physical check up.


August 9, 2016

Last night, Den took 6mg of melatonin. He slept from 11PM until 4AM. (Something is better than nothing.)

I talked to Dr. Hennecke about sending over Den’s physical. She said she would fax it by the end of the week.

Sam, from the eye clinic, called to say that all the needed paperwork was in and was being faxed over to the surgi-center. Den’s procedure would most likely be Thursday or Friday and our follow up appointment was for Tuesday morning. (Den and I are getting hopeful about this surgi-center.)

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