Cardiac Rehab

July 24-27, 2016

I worked with the LVAD team over the next days to find a Cardiac Rehab near home. Den is not driving yet. His eye sight is so bad from the cataracts that he is afraid of his own driving. With my work schedule, we need somewhere close to home so I can take him on my lunch break and pick him up after work if needed. I talked to several therapy locations. Our first choice does not offer Cardiac Rehab…darn. So we ended up choosing Franciscan’s location near our home. They told me to bring Den to an orientation session that was coming up.


August 2, 2016

Today is Cardiac Rehab Orientation. When we arrived, Helen (the nurse) gave me lots of paperwork to fill out. No big deal, I know more about Den’s health than he does right now. Once all of the patients coming for orientation had checked in, we went to one of the conference rooms. Helen told us that each patient would have an evaluation by one of the nurses prior to starting rehab. When we came for evaluation, bring all medications, in the bottles from the pharmacy. We were given the time slots that we could choose from…Den wanted 10:30AM. Rehab lasts for 12 weeks with sessions 3 times each week, but you have 6 months to complete all 36 sessions. They asked for patients to arrive 15-20 minutes before their scheduled time to get ready. Each week and education class was offered after working out with the nurses. There was also a consultation with the dietitian for each patient. Den seemed very excited get rehab started when we talked in the car afterward.


August 3, 2016

Today is our appointment with the eye doctor at UofC. Dr. Raiz is very nice and told us that Den’s cataracts are caused by diabetes. He also confirmed that Den is basically blind in his left eye. So that one would be the first one to fix. I told him about the problems that we have had in the past with surgi-centers and hospitals. He said not to worry, he had worked with the surgi-center that he uses for many years….there would not be a problem. (Fingers Crossed) We left the eye clinic with more hope than we had had for a long time.

The doctors from the CRT Study (the one Den had just signed up for) asked if we could see them today, since we were already up at the hospital campus. We headed over to their offices after lunch. The first thing was a general evaluation. Den did a 6 minute walk (600 feet today) and had and echo cardiogram. Then they changed Den’s pacemaker settings. They changed him from what is called Bi-V pacing (where both ventricles are paced) to RV only (right ventricle only pacing).  Then another echo cardiogram and another 6 minute walk (only 500 feet this time).

They wanted us to come back in about a month, but not to make a special trip. We could come call them when we had another appointment and they would fit us in.

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