Time to Garden

May 30, 2018

Yesterday, Dad and I got the existing garden tilled and broke ground for the new garden. Our neighbor is letting us put in a large garden in her side yard. We have told her that she has “poaching” rites to anything that is in that garden. She stopped by when she got home and was amazed at the size of the plot we had turned over for the new garden. By the time we were done, both dad and I were spent for the day. We were so tired and worn out that I ordered pizza for dinner.

When I woke up at 5:30AM this morning, I noticed that the rain had not moved in yet, but I could not bring myself to get out of bed to start planting the gardens. At 6:15AM, my mind would not let me sleep any longer and kept nagging at me to get the plants and seeds in the ground before the rain started. So I got up and dressed, woke up Em and asked her to help me get the planting done. She grudgingly agreed and we were out in the new garden before 7AM with most of the tomato plants and the seeds to get going.

The new garden got 12 tomato plants (4 each beefsteak, roma and globe – I do a lot of canning and hope to not have to by tomatoes this year). Then we put in Em’s carrot patch (2 long rows of carrots—ruby and davisons). Next came the beans….4 kinds – Kentucky wonder, purple, yellow wax and stringless garden green. We also planted 3 hills of watermelons and 4 of zucchini. With all that done and the tomato plants caged, we moved to the existing garden in our yard.

The “old” garden got lots of different things this year. We started with tomatoes again – only 4 this time, 3 beefsteak and 1 roma (these are more for out of hand eating). Then Em got her sunflower strip planted. Next we put in the 2 hills each of yellow crook-neck and butternut squash. About this time, dad leaned out his window and yelled, “Get out of my garden”. We all had a good laugh and he came out and helped with the remainder of the the planting. We planted peas along the entire fence line in the garden. The peas were really good last year, there were just never enough for a meal, so we doubled our planting this year. Next we put in 12 broccoli and 6 brussel sprout plants and 8 bell pepper plants. And finally…my experiment for this year…8 potatoes. I have never tried to grow potatoes, so this will be interesting. We also have a 1/2 wine barrell on the patio with 2 cherry tomatoes and a huge tarregon plant. Den and Em both love cherry tomatoes so I make sure that the plants are close at hand for them both.

As you can tell I come from a family that loves to garden. I love it for the fresh vegetables and warm tomatoes right out of the garden. Everything seems to taste better when you pick it and cook it within minutes! My mouth is watering just thinking about all the good things I can make with the “fruits” of my garden! Now we just have to wait for the rain to come and get everything watered in. Once everything sprouts, I will post some pictures. Until then…happy planting!

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