Memorial Day

memorial day 2

In my family, we have lot of Veterans. Luckily, all of my Uncles came home from the war. I remember when my Uncle Glen passed away. It was the first time I talked to my other uncles about their time serving during World War II. I wish I had had a tape recorder to keep those stories. There were so many that I don’t remember much about them now. The only things I know for sure are….

  • My Uncle Bill served as an ambulance driver in Europe during WW2. He was part of the liberation of one of the concentration camps. He told one story that I remember. He was driving as the lead in a convoy, at night. He must have made a wrong turn because he went down a set of stairs….just think about that, bounce, bounce, bounce. The convoy did make it to it’s destination.
  • My Uncle Glen served all over Europe during WW2. He was an active member of several veteran’s organizations after he came home. He was not right when he came home. He was what they called shell shocked.
  • My Uncle Art was in the SeaBees. And I believe he served mostly in the Pacific Theater.
  • Uncle Marshall also served in the Pacific, but I cannot remember anything else.


Our family was fortunate, all of the sons came home alive to hug their families. Not all are so luck, even during this time of so called peace. I am grateful to all those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom that we all enjoy in the great country.

memorial day 3

So this Memorial Day, have your barbecue, family gathering, drinks or party (or all of them). But don’t forget why we have these liberties. Take a moment to thank all of those who cannot be here to celebrate because they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a safe and peaceful holiday. memorial Day


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