Counting The Days

May 25, 2016

We are all getting ready for Den to come home in a few days! It seems surreal that he is going to be home for the Memorial Day weekend! I have already contacted Em’s school to let them know she will not be in class on Friday. She has insisted on going with to “spring” her Dad from Rehab! Gotta love the girl!

Den is still working hard in his therapy sessions, 4 today….3 PT and 1 OT.

I called the home healthcare group today to finish setting up Den’s continuing care once he is home. We are trying to get the nurse and physical therapist that we had before he went to the U of C. The company would look into the dressing kits that we would need. When the gentleman called back, he was very confused and didn’t understand Den’s discharge dates…I mean how hard is it to understand that he was coming home on Friday? I told him that Den would need visits from the nurse, therapist and a weekly blood draw. He said that they could handle all of that and I would be contacted to set up a schedule. I told him that we did not need a wound specialist to visit us, since I would be doing all of Den’s dressing changes…as ordered by the LVAD team. (None of us wanted someone else doing his dressings)

Den did call me in the middle of the night…he had woken up with blood in his right hand. He assumed that is came from his nose, but had yet to look and see if his nose was bleeding.  He said he would check in the morning.


May 26, 2016

Den, Em and I can barely hold our excitement today. Tomorrow Den comes home…for good! It is very hard to concentrate on anything for long, but we are all doing our best to just get through the day so we can wake up and bring him home!

Den has his usual 4 sessions today….1 PT and 3 OT.

I talked to Ed, the social worker. He let me know that all of Den’s prescriptions would be faxed over to our pharmacy before Den was officially released. He also alerted security that Em and I would be arriving very early in the morning and that we were to be admitted to the building when we arrived.

The doctor took out the last of Den’s stitches in the afternoon. One more hurdle on the way out! Den called me in the evening and asked me to type up a letter to the staff thanking them for all they had done for him and our family. It was very touching and I printed out several copies so that all of the groups would have one.  Den and I said good night one last time, but I don’t think any of us slept much. Tomorrow would be a big day for us all and I know I was too excited to sleep! Em and I kept telling Harry, our dog, that Daddy was coming home…I don’t know if he understood, but we kept telling him anyway.

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