Den in the Hospital (Day 6)

Today is April 23, 2018.

Sorry, everyone, for not getting you all an update yesterday, Sunday. Not much happened around here. No tests or procedures are done on weekends unless it is an emergency. I did go home to see the closing performance of Hairspray at Em’s school. I was not disappointed! It was the highlight of my weekend!

Over the weekend, Den ate very well. He finished everything on all of his meal trays. (I have started ordering all of his daily meals in the morning to ensure that he eats…it’s working.) Den’s weight is holding at 297…a little high, but he is not water overloaded at this point. It was surprising that Den went 30 hours without any kind of major pump fluctuations. We all thought that he was done with that aspect of his problems, but we were all wrong. The nursing staff had gotten used to Den’s pump throwing off a very wide range of readings right at evening shift change, that they all came in together, just in case. Well, his pump decided to wait until midnight last night to do it’s thing. And it lasted for almost an hour and Den had severe dizziness with it this time. The nurse asked me to wait to do Den’s dressing change so she could see that he had no discharge or infection in his drive line. It was all clear. As we were talking, we figured out that she was the same nurse that taught me to do the dressing changes almost 2 years ago. So we felt we had come full circle.  Den did not sleep well last night, even with a dose of melatonin around 11PM. He is sleeping now, so I have some time to myself. We hope that the doctors will come around early so we can get the plan for today’s tests/procedures. Den just wants to get the show on the road to figure out why he is having these fluctuations. As so do I.

That is all for now, I think I will try to get a little more sleep in before we see the doctors. Have a great day!

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