Den’s in the Hospital (Day 4)

Today is April 21, 2018.

Before I left yesterday, the doctors decided that Den had lost too much fluid so they gave him a small IV of fluids while I was gone. He also had an echo-cardiogram of his Aortic valve. The other echo he had showed signs of leaking in or around the valve, so the doctors wanted to confirm this.

I left Den around noon to go home and take care of things. Marg went home for the weekend and to take care of some business. Em has the school musical this weekend. She is on the stage crew and is working the wings and set changes. (Opening night was sold out!) She loves being a part of something bigger than herself and working ‘behind the scenes’. Em and I spent the afternoon together and had some dinner before she had to be back at the school theater for 5PM (they had sound checks and some last minute items to take care of before the curtain went up.) When I got back to the house, I was surprised that I beat Ya-ya and Fuzzy back. I used the extra time to get the laundry that I had brought down from the hospital folded and back into my bag and getting the few items that Den had requested together. When they arrived, I gave them an update and then headed back to the hospital.

He was exhausted and showing signs of a major anxiety episode. We tried to watch 2 different movies and after about 30 minutes, he would get antsy…couldn’t sit still or concentrate on the movie….and ask to stop the movie. Den had some major plump fluctuations in the evening with dizziness. All of his numbers were all over the place and the world was spinning around Den. The on-call cardiologist with the LVAD team came in and checked Den over and interrogated his device. He felt that Den was still a little dehydrated and ordered an IV of albumen.

Later in the evening, Den was so antsy and anxious that I felt like choking him! I didn’t, but I really would have liked to! Instead, I would get out of the room….go have a cigarette, get Den some ice water or get something to eat. I finally got him to agree to take a shower just before 11PM. It worked like a charm! Not only did Den calm down, he smelled great and even slept well…we both did. (We cuddled up on the bed and I think we got 6 hours of sleep….not solid…but it was sleep.

So far today has been just passing time and watching for pump fluctuations…which we have had several. No tests are planned for the weekend, so we are just here enjoying each other’s company. (we both would rather be home, but we came here to get answers and we will wait if we have to.)


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