Den’s in the Hosptial (Day 3)

Today is April 20, 2018

Den has had an echo-cardiogram, EKG, blood cultures, x-rays and daily blood work so far. They have started IV push diuretics twice daily and Den has lost 7 pounds in the last 24 hours. The best news is that the staff finally got to see the dizzy episodes that we had been telling them about last night. They got to see him not only dizzy, but also the wild range of readings that the LVAD puts out when it happens. Maybe, we can get to the bottom of it once and for all. I know more tests will be done today and we will most likely get that plan when the doctors come in for rounds in a little while.

Den and I did have a nice dinner together. It wasn’t steak, but we were together and sometimes that is all that matters. We plan to repeat this dinner (maybe with other food items from the menu) as often as we can while Den is here.

We did have one really big scare yesterday. Den went to the bathroom, hoping to have a bowel movement. When he was done, there was fresh blood in the toilet. He asked me to check his behind…and I did…he had fresh blood in and around his rectum. We immediately called the nurse. She looked at Den’s behind and then told me I could clean him up. I told her that I wanted her to see him before I did anything. She contacted the doctor and we were told to call immediately if Den passed any more blood.

Den and I cuddled up on the bed and actually slept last night…as well as anyone can in the hospital, where you get woken up at least every 4 hours. We both feel a little less cranky and irritable and hope it will be a good day. I have to leave him at noon to go take care of Em. Marg has an appointment that could not be cancelled. Ya-Ya will relieve me as soon as she can so I can get back up here. Em can’t come up this weekend, since the school musical is going on all weekend.

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