Today’s Update

Today is April 18, 2018. It is the 2 year anniversary of Den’s LVAD surgery. Last week we met with the electrophysology (EP) doctor to see if we could get Den out of the AFib that he has been in for over a year. The LVAD team asked for us to come in today for a quick evaluation before proceeding with the EP doctor. It has been decided that Den will be admitted either tonight or early tomorrow for IV diuretic therapy, a heart catheterization and possible ablation, and to make sure his blood infection from a year ago is not back. Den has been experiencing daily dizziness and pump fluctuations and we all felt this needs to be addressed and fixed, if possible. Marg is coming down tonight to stay with Em so I can be at the hospital with Den. Marg is truly a saint in my book! The only down side of this is Den wanted to go to see his granddaughter in her school play and the musical at Em’s school also. Em is a stage tech and is working the wings this time. She is very excited. I will try to keep you all updated as things progress. Thanks again for all your love, concern, prayers and good wishes. It really means a lot to us all.

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