A busy day

April 12, 2016


Den’s weight is down to 241.

He had 2 chest x-rays early this morning. The nurse started him on a heparin IV to better control his INR and get him ready for surgery, which we hoped would be soon.

About 10AM the room was filled with the LVAD team. I couldn’t believe how many people were in the room to discuss Den’s future. It was determined that Den was a good candidate for surgery. They had already scheduled him for Monday morning to have the LVAD implanted! He still needed to pass all the tests before they made the final approval, but the team was confident that all would go as planned. The doctors wanted Den to get up and walk as much as possible between now and Sunday night. This would reduce any possibility of blood clots in his legs that could cause complications during and after surgery.

Becky, the research study nurse, stayed behind to talk to us about the Momentum 3 study. There was room for 30 people from this location in the study, we would be number 21. We would need to come in for study related check ups at 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, more could be added after, but this study was for a 2 year period.  He would also be followed as long as he had the device. She gave us the names of all the doctors working on the study, most of which we had already met. She showed us the two devices that were in the study. The Heartmate II, shown below.

Heartmate 2

And the Heartmate 3, shown below

heartmate 3

We would not know until Friday which one Den would be getting, but we hoped it was the newer one, the Heartmate 3. She left us a copy of the study consent forms and some more information on both devices.

Later that morning, the SWAN started having issues. It was not sending any readings to the monitor. The doctors tried readjusting it, which caused Den a lot of pain. They sent some Tylenol to help with that.

Just before noon, the tech came in to do Den’s abdominal ultrasound. She took pictures of Den’s liver, gallbladder, pancreas and kidneys.

Den did not eat much lunch today. Some OJ and 2 bites of a danish.

Our next visit was from Elaine, the social worker. Her job is to make sure that the paitient has a good support structure when they get home. She talked to us for quite a while before letting us know that she would give the OK for Den’s surgery.

Dinner was a bust…one Popsicle and some grape juice.

The doctors decided to change Den’s SWAN this evening. The sensors were “dirty” and not sending any signals. So they took out the SWAN and put a Triple Lumen in its place.

Den asked his family to wait until he was out of ICU to come visit after surgery. I would call if with updates and if there were any complications.


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