Thank You

I just wanted to take a little time to thank everyone for going on this journey with us.

As I go thru my log books, I go through the full gamut of emotions…happy, sad, terrified, elated, hopeless to hope filled. In those early days, both Den and I felt so alone in our struggle to restore his health. We now know that we are not alone. The LVAD team is always there, just an email or call away if there is a problem or question. Our families and friends have shown their support in so many ways. We have had spiritual support from many different parishes through all of this, from St Thomas Moore at U of C to Holy Name Cathedral at RIC and our own Deacon, Gene, who gave Den a verbal outlet when he couldn’t get out of the house. All of their efforts may have seemed small at the time, but has meant the world to us. And you, the readers, have shown us that there are those out there that you want to know how Den is doing and the story behind how you may see him now.

Thank you.

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