An anniversary of sorts

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the doctor’s appointment that would change our lives forever. Not just Den, Em and myself; but all those around us. All of our friends, family and coworkers have been effected by our time at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Most have been for the good, some not so much.

Our family has been changed forever. We used to go primitive camping almost every other weekend all over the Midwest. But without a guarantee of grounded outlets, that has come to a near halt. Den must have grounded, stable power to be away from home. The only way we camp now is out of a hotel room, and that gets expensive really fast. We do get out occasionally to see friends and family, but travel wears Den out incredibly fast. So we try to limit those trips to days that he is feeling at his best. And if there are stairs at a friends home, he doesn’t go. His knees are so bad that he doesn’t even take the dog out at home because of the 5 stairs at the back door.

My coworkers were my strength during all the past 2 years of turmoil. Joe, you were a rock when mine was absent. Carrie, you were a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. Marilyn, you kept me busy when my mind and heart were trying to carry me to dark places, you also fed me when I was racing between work and the hospital. Len & Deb, you gave me the freedom in my schedule to be with Den during the dark times when he needed me by his side. To you all, Thank You, your friendship and understanding has meant the word to me! I simply cannot thank you all enough for your love and support.

To Den’s old coworkers….Ronnie & Bob, Den looks forward to seeing your Facebook posts with the kids and the great jokes in his email. He is always excited to talk to you. You will always be his “brothers”. Thanks for being there for us both. Buddy & Deanna, your visits, calls, and messages raised Den’s spirits when he was low, Thank you.

I don’t know what the next days, months or years will bring, but we will face them as a family…together.

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