Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday! If all went well, I read at Mass both Thursday and Saturday nights. I told you that we were coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Den’s surgery. When we decided to do it, Den wanted to see Em make her Confirmation and Gradutate from Grammar School. That would have been 14 months after surgery. That day has come and gone. We both know Den is on borrowed time. We came to terms with that some time ago. I wake each morning with the knowledge that we are one day closer to losing my beloved Den. Each day is a gift we try very hard to cherish each and every one.

The old adage come to mind….                                                                                                                   Yesterday is history.                                                                                                                               Tomorrow is a mystery.                                                                                                                         Today is a gift.                                                                                                                                         That is why it is call the present.

Please, please, please…tell those in your life how much they mean to you…TODAY! The old saying is true, today is a present….a gift, tomorrow is never promised. Go hug your kids, kiss your husband/wife/partner, call your parents, play with your dog, talk to your neighbor! Make the world a better place just by doing the little things.

I have a very cute story for you. Den, Em and I were in the store doing our grocery shopping. Em and I went on ahead (as we usually do). A little old lady, looking very lost, pulled up next to us and asked if we knew where the eggs where at? I told her and she went on her merry way. About 15 minutes later, I was in the paper towel section, she comes across me again. She looks even more lost than the last time. I ask her if she found the eggs…”yes, thank you for the great directions. Can you help me find another item?” (What am I going to say…no?) Sure…what this time? She pulls her cart really close and whispers in my ear…”Where are the pads? You know…for me?” I smiled, she smiled even bigger, we both laughed a little. I told her that she could find them in the pharmacy area. She again went on her merry way. I love it when you meet someone that you can help right then and there. It gives both people a sense of their individual power and interdependence.  It makes both parties feel good! Do something good today, not because it is Easter, just because!

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