A Change of Venue

April 5, 2016

Today, we see Dr. Uriel at U of C. We had orders for blood work and an echo cardiogram before we saw the doctor. So off we went. Now going from what we thought was a sizable doctor’s office to the University was a bit of culture shock. If you have never been there, it is huge! The doctors clinical offices have a building all of their own, six stories and 1/2 a block square! Thankfully, the nurse who called to give us the schedule told me where to park and where in the building to go for all of Den’s appointments; otherwise, it would have been overwhelming.

We saw Dr. Uriel at 2PM. Den was sitting in his wheelchair, because he could not walk far due to the shortness of breath and I was in one of the chairs. When he walked in, he took one look at Den and told the nurse to call and find a room. This was before he ever said a word to us. He turned to Den and asked why he was in a wheelchair. Den told him that he could not walk far due to the shortness of breath and the swelling in his legs. Dr. Uriel then when on the check Den over. His BP was 93/62, too low and the numbers were too close together! He told us that Dr. Raj had already filled him in on Den’s condition and he had all of Den’s records from Dr. Raj already.

He told us that he wanted Den admitted immediately. There were things that could be done to help Den and we needed to act quickly to take the load off Den’s heart. The first things that would be done…IV diuretics and a right heart cath in the morning. So we went from the office directly to admitting at Mitchell Hospital (across the street). We had to wait a little while for the room to be ready, but Den was in a room before dinner. I called my sister, Marg, who had come down to get Em from school since we would never make it home in time to get her from school. I told her what was happening and that I would be coming home just to get some things and then heading back up to the hospital for the night.  While we were waiting for the room, Den and I made a list of what he would need from home….his blanket, Bi-pap, his denture adhesive and cup, his jogging shorts (to wear under the gown), some toiletries and copies of his advanced directive to be put in his file.  I called both parish rectories and had Den put on their respective prayer lists also.  Den’s weight at admission was 255. 20160407_155927

When Den was all settled, I remember thinking how pale he looked. The staff started the IV Bumex as soon as he was settled thru the central line that they inserted. They also inserted a Foley catheter since Den would be on the diuretics overnight. Then we settled in for the night…Den in the bed and me in the chair.

1 thought on “A Change of Venue

  1. I remember that day so well. I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I knew Beth sounded panicked when she called. I decided on my drive down that I needed to make sure I didn’t act in a way that would alarm Em when I picked her up. I was glad to see her but the trip wasn’t for a pleasant reason, a weird feeling. I was glad I had put together a bag with essentials to take with, as it turned out I would be there for a while.
    – Marg

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