The Slippery Slope

OK, Den is doing better at this point. No new nosebleeds, but his strength is not coming back, his appetite is nonexistent and he has a very hard time sleeping.

March 6, 2016

Den got a shock at 7:15AM from his ICD. He stayed in bed and slept until 11:30AM. When he did get up, he said he felt like he had been hit by a freight train. Nothing to do but monitor him for any additional shocks at this point.

March 7-8, 2016

I called and left a message for the nurse at Dr. Andres/Mitchell’s office. She called back and made us an appointment to see Dr. Mitchell first thing in the morning.

When we saw Dr. Mitchell, he agreed that Den’s BP was very low, but didn’t want us to stop any more meds. He asked if we wanted to go the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic. Den said no, he was happy with what the team had done for him at this point.  So we stay the course and see what the echo shows later this month.

March 14, 2016

We finally got in to see the eye doctor about Den’s cataracts! He has a terrible one in his left eye (he is close to blind) and the right is not far behind. First we have to get his eyes healthy…they are very dry…so drops 4 times a day and back in 2 weeks.

March 23, 2016

We saw Dr. Hennecke today. Den will always be considered a diabetic with neuropathy in both feet. She sent over the paper work for his shoes to the podiatrist.  Otherwise, nothing to do but wait for the echo in a few days. We were all hoping for an improvement over his last one…his EF was 18 the last time they checked it. (A normal EF is 55 or higher.)

March 30, 2016

Echo day is here! Off we went in the morning for the test. The tech, Robert, was nice enough to let me stay in the room for the exam. When the EF came up on the screen I was totally heartbroken. Den’s EF had dropped to 13.4! I could not hide my fear and sadness from Den when he got up off the table. I think I cried all the way home.  Tomorrow we would see Dr. Raj for the final results, but I already knew what he was going to say.


I feel like crying all over again, just thinking about that day. So enough for now, the big change comes tomorrow.

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